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Build Your First Web App Workshop

Take your computer science skills beyond the classroom to build a web app that will look great on a browser and on your resume.

Saturdays are for shipping... or at least this one is!

Studying computer science teaches you tons about the world of programming. But you don't always have the chance to build something real between classes, clubs, and your busy life. So how can you get a living, breathing project on your resume? How can you ship something that will set you apart in the interview process for your first job or internship?   
You can spend a Saturday with us building your first web app. That's how.
Work with awesome engineers on HubSpot's product team to get set up with github, heroku and node.js on your machine
Collaborate and code with women from other schools and interests
Build a working web app that you can put on your resume and use as a jumping off point for future
Have the world's most productive Saturday meeting new women in CS, coding, chatting, and eating deliciousness

Past and Future Events

  1. 2017

    • Saturday November 10th - Dublin, Ireland
    • Saturday April 22nd - Cambridge, MA  


    • Friday November 18th - Dublin, Ireland
    • Saturday October 15th - Cambridge, MA
    • Saturday April 9th - Cambridge, MA


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“It was comprehensive but easy to follow even for beginners"  
“The team were really helpful, but more than that, they were examples of women doing what we want to do. It's rare that female students have role models in CS as the universities are male dominated. So seeing them in action was a great, but all too rare, experience” 
"The workshop was really simple to follow, fun, and welcoming. I also loved that there was a whole group of experienced volunteers willing to answer our questions. This would be a great workshop to recommend to people who have not had experience with git or heroku. 10/10 would recommend." 
"It was really chill -- this stuff is intimidating, but I felt really comfortable at the workshop." 
"It was the right level! I didnt have any web experience going in and i thought it was taught at a good starting level."


Can't wait for the big day to get started? Check out some online resources that we've put together to help you get started with your web app today.

Get started

This GitHub project walks you through getting the base for your future web apps up and running.

Learn more
Personalize it

Mastered setting up your Base Web App? This tutorial walks you through setting up Bootstrap to customize your website's HTML and CSS to make it your own.

Learn more
Challenge yourself

Once you're ready for something a little more challenging, try this tutorial that incorporates a simple API to fetch data from another source.

Learn more

About Us

  • Zoe Sobin

    Zoe Sobin

    Technical Lead

    I studied computer science at Tufts and didn't worry about working on my own side projects or finding a network of CS women to connect with. Now that I've spent some time working in tech, I've realized how essential those are in making me feel happy and confident in my field. These things definitely aren't easy to get started with, so I want to help women in college feel empowered and find the resources they need.

  • Colleen Grant

    Colleen Grant

    Campus Recruiting Manager

    As applications come rolling in, the first thing we look for is candidates who have taken initiative to build their skills outside the classroom. The best way to expand your skill set is experimenting with application development as early as possible. The sooner you get started the better chance you have at landing your dream internship.